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I cannot wait for this!!

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Well, guys, I haven’t posted in a while. There is a reason, and I hope you all understand and are excited as I am about this.

In October, my short story collection, T.S. Woolard’s Solo Circus, will be released. It will feature fifteen short stories. Five are previously published. Ten are brand-new. They range from seriously creepy to real-life gone horribly wrong.

T.S. Woolard’s Solo Circus will be made available by jwkfiction (go to ). James Ward Kirk has been a great, understanding guy to work with, and I am proud to have my collection published by him. I am humbled to be in a class with some of the other authors he has published collections of, Mike Janson, Roger Cowin, and Alex S. Johnson (a few are friends, all are amazing writers). The cover art will be done by Niall Parkinson, an incredible artist (I am over the…

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