And I’m done!

Well that’s it folks, I’m done, finished and satisfied. I spent all morning and half the afternoon working on the final edits for my manuscript and I got it done. My baby has been sent off now and that’s that. Now it’s just a waiting game.

It’s a little strange now to think I won’t be working on this or thinking of it day in day out as I have been, wondering about this paragraph or that storyline and whether I need to alter a line here and there. But I find myself already asking, what next? I think I’ll soon become lost without this daily input of writing/slash editing. Perhaps I’ll give myself a few days off, after all, it was a lot of hard work but then I’m heading straight into Nano prep in October (come Wednesday) and after that the actual novel writing. So perhaps that’ll be the next thing. I’m already forming ideas for my next project and I think that with the help of my brilliant editor for this manuscript, I will be able to do a much better job on the first draft next time around. I think I’ve learned a lot of invaluable information I’ll transfer over and it was stuff that could only be learned by doing. So thank you, Missy, again, for being such a wonderful and thorough editor!

The rest of the day will be spent chilling and then eating tasty bolognese with family followed by delicious cherry pie and perhaps a cheeky rum or two in celebration!

Halfway Done

Halfway through the final final edit of The Doors. To say I’m excited is an understatement! I have a little way yet to go but I have to say, this third round has been a breeze compared to the others (particularly the second which took an awful lot of overhauling) and so I’m enjoying it thoroughly. I’m on a tight deadline as the finished novel has to be back with the publisher by Tuesday at the latest but I’m going on holiday on Monday so I’m hoping to have it done before that. Failing that, my first night away will be spent on the laptop. Haha!

Once I send it back, it gets converted into PDF for a final read through. I’m so lucky that I’ve had some friends offer to help me out with this. And you know what, it does take the pressure off some. Although I can’t wait to read it again in it’s entirety, it’s also a little daunting. I worry in case I read through and keep finding mistakes or miss something because I’m way too close to it at the minute. So I’ve got three proof readers lined up.

Hopefully after that I can release the cover for the world to see.

This weekend brings more editing (of course), family times with meals with both of our families and packing and cleaning. I’m pretty much already in holiday mode which may not be great considering I have around two hours left of work (yes, I work odd shifts!) But hey ho, doesn’t everyone get like this!?

Big Announcement

I cannot wait for this!!

T.S.Woolard's Blog/site

Well, guys, I haven’t posted in a while. There is a reason, and I hope you all understand and are excited as I am about this.

In October, my short story collection, T.S. Woolard’s Solo Circus, will be released. It will feature fifteen short stories. Five are previously published. Ten are brand-new. They range from seriously creepy to real-life gone horribly wrong.

T.S. Woolard’s Solo Circus will be made available by jwkfiction (go to ). James Ward Kirk has been a great, understanding guy to work with, and I am proud to have my collection published by him. I am humbled to be in a class with some of the other authors he has published collections of, Mike Janson, Roger Cowin, and Alex S. Johnson (a few are friends, all are amazing writers). The cover art will be done by Niall Parkinson, an incredible artist (I am over the…

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It’s been a while since I posted. Why? I couldn’t tell you. I finished the second round of edits of The Doors and sent that back. Other than that I have been working all hours under the sun while trying to look after my house and deal with some big family issues I have going on. It’s had me pretty stressed and worried.

But, things are looking up. We’re taking a few positive steps today regarding the family issue so that’s a little better. I am full of ill which isn’t great but hey, it happens more in times of stress because other than that I tend to have quite a healthy immune system.

I’m hopefully going to get the novel back within the next few days ready for a final, third edit before it’s polished and ready for publishing. You know, I almost doubled the word count in the last two edits. Doubled! The story is still the same, essentially, but there has been a hell of a lot of development with it. I can hardly believe it myself.

And all the while I find that now when I’m reading I’m picking up on things more, rewriting lines in my head, working out how I would have done it. It means that now when I’m thinking about writing, I’m really considering things I wouldn’t have before including structure and detail. I think that just shows how much I’m growing as a writer.

As most of you know, Nano is coming up in November. That crazy months where thousands of people test their endurance and creativity and knock out a novel in a month. This will be my fourth year of taking part and you know what, I can’t wait. It’s like an addiction. I have some vague ideas of what I’m going to do but using October as a month of prepping means I’ll get my ideas in order ready for the go on the 1st November. I’m also going to try and write an edit plan so that I can go back to my novel and really work on it, ready it for submission and then send it off. I owe it to myself to keep this up now!

I just finished reading the last book in the Experiment in Terror series. Wow, what an ending. I won’t spoil it in case any of you want to read it but it was the perfect conclusion and though I’m going to miss the duo of Perry and Dex, I know Karina Halle is a fantastic author with a lot to give.

After finishing that I’ve starting reading Finding the Way Back by Jill Bisker. It’s been a great read so far and I’m sucked right in! Check it out at: