We Were Liars: Review

We Were Liars

E. Lockhart

When I picked up this book I wasn’t sure whether it was for me but I have to say after the first couple of chapters, I found myself engrossed.

The Sinclairs are a family who value normal and who allow themselves to throw emotion under the rug for fear of looking out of the ordinary. They meet on the island every summer in order to enjoy the sun and have family times. This happens year after year but summer fifteen changes everything. Cady suffers an accident and is found curled up on the beach after sustaining a head injury and nothing is the same after that. She is forced to miss summer sixteen at the island with her family and cousins and all the while her mum refuses to tell her just what happened on that island when she can’t remember.

However, summer seventeen she goes back and she finds the liars Mirren, Johnny and Gat who she spends her summers with and it’s over this course of four weeks that she eventually finds out what happened those two years ago.

It’s an interesting read that kept me hooked throughout. The style it’s written in was also interesting for me, it was different and quite formal in a way coming from Cady’s point of view but I liked that. We Were Liars is also quite a short read for those who prefer that and worth picking up.


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