Keep the Sky Blue!

Okay, I’m writing this in response to a blog post I saw today…

Let’s hope this pingback works (it’s my first attempt!) I don’t consider myself to be technologically challenged, but some things still elude me!

So if the world suddenly was devoid of colour, I think I’d have to say I would want the sky to stay blue. Now blue isn’t exactly my favourite colour or anything, but I think looking up to a sky that is constantly dismal in grey, a low mood would set in. What do you think?

ps: my pingback didn’t work at all and I can’t figure it out. In fact, anytime I try to put a link in, it doesn’t work. Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong?!

Work-Writing Balance

I don’t know about you, but I certainly struggle with a work-writing balance on regular basis. However, although I wish I had more time to write, on the other side of things, I actually really love my job so it isn’t too bad, if you know what I mean?

I’m currently a support worker working with homeless people. I work a variety of shifts with a variety of different people and some fantastic colleagues and let me tell you, I love it. No two days are ever the same and boredom is nowhere to be found.

On the other hand, I do wish I had more time to write. After working twelve hour shifts it’s the last thing I want to do and when I have my few days off, I have to catch up on all that grown-up normalcy stuff including house work, seeing my partner (haha) and family and friends. Needless to say, with that all said and done, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing.

I do get frustrated sometimes if I want to write and I can’t. It does happen a lot and it gets to a point where something is on my mind for so long and until I’m able to find the time to type it out, it plagues me. And in the same vein, I don’t want to not do it right away while the idea is fresh as of course, it can be very fleeting and disappear just like the moment it sparked.

I try to set myself regular time in order to write (and I certainly will for nano) but other than that, I haven’t got anything in place yet. What do you do in order to alleviate this problem? Do you have a writing schedule? Do you work a 9-5 job so you’re able to structure writing time in? What about if you consider yourself to have a chaotic lifestyle, where does writing fit in then?

I’d love to hear from you!

Writing is like the Gym

I forced myself to go to the gym this morning after a late night (and a takeaway) with the girls. Did I want to get up that early and go outside where it was slightly rainy and blustery? No. I did not. But I did it anyway. And after around forty-five minutes of gruelling sweat-inducing exercise, I’ve come out of it feeling rather uplifted and happy.

Of course, I know all that is to do with hormones being released and such like, but it’s still a nice feeling. I also got the chance to snap a picture of a lovely rainbow too (just wish I’d had my Canon with me). I’m already planning my next trip to the gym which I tend to do just after I’ve gotten home from a visit there.

So in that same vein, I was thinking about writing. Sometimes as writers, we can have dry spells. I think it happens to most people: Writers Block. Those dreaded words. It’s awful when you’re in the midst of it. There’s nothing you can do, nothing seems to inspire and then one day, something might just click and you begin writing.

I find that if I’m writing regularly, it’s becomes a habit, a ritual maybe. Currently, I’ve just finished the proof of my novel and sent it back and I’m working on Nano prep for November but I’m not actually writing any fiction and you know what? I’m craving it. I want to be drawn into the fictional world and tell the stories that are there. And it’s a brilliant feeling.

I don’t want to start working on a big project with Nano looming and the possibility of a dystopian YA novel on the horizon, but there are other things I’m getting involved with. I’m trying to write a short story for an anthology (zombie related) and I’m also pushing my brain to think of ways to organise my novels and a way I can go back and edit them to make them publishable.

I guess what I’m saying, is that once you get started it’s certainly a lot easier!

Cover Reveal!

So guys. this is it! The moment that I get to share my cover with you. It’s been such an amazing experience working through this and finalising the details of my book cover and here it finally is!


What do you think? I know I love it, I’d like to know what you think too 🙂 It was created for me by Stephanie Bibb. What wonderful artwork she has made for me! Stephanie can be contacted at if you would like to get in touch about any personal projects or just take a look at her blog. She’s a lovely woman to work with.

It finally feels like my dream is becoming real, you know? I’ve started proof reading my novel and now this and I’m finally at the end phase of the publication where I’ll almost be able to have the novel in my hands!

ps: I think I’m finally figuring out the intricacies of this blog thingy!