On Editing and Covers

You wanna know how the editing is going? Phew. It’s been a tough few weeks but I’m getting there. In between my hectic work schedule and actually seeing my partner and family (!) I have managed to get to page 112 of 153. Not bad going huh? It’s really gotta be finished asap though so I had better get my ass moving-or rather, sitting down. I don’t think it’s going to be too tough to do with the weather turning a little colder than normal and the other half coming down with a bug, there’s not a lot we can do anyway.

When I first submitted this novel it was 48k and now… well, I’ll update you with that when I’m finished!

I got the first proof of the cover through too. That was an exciting moment. I didn’t even know it was coming and I opened my mailbox to find it sitting there. It was awesome. After a little tweaking I think it’s finally there but I’m waiting for approval before I share it with you all.

Back to the grindstone for me after a few of those pesky little chores…

Editing begun!

I started the edits on the second round of my novel yesterday. I know I planned for Thursday but life just seemed to get in the way. Still though, I got through four chapters yesterday.

How did it go? It was tough but fun and I found my creative juices were flowing and all these new ideas were coming out the wood work. Perhaps not the most brilliant time considering it’s at the end stages now, but still! I’m at work over the next few days so it’s unlikely I’ll get much of it done (long shifts and all). I’m getting more and more excited as the days pass. I can’t wait to see what the cover is going to look like and then find out the release date.

I think Wed is the next day I’ll be able to sit down properly and work on it again and until then, I’ve got my thinking cap on!

It’s here!

Can you guess what landed in my mailbox last night? That’s right, the second round of edits. My stomach did this little skip-jump. Was it excitement or apprehension? I think a mixture of both. I read the email from the editor who told me she loved the first round of edits that I did and hopes that this will only improve it further. Great! She’s so helpful. There were a few more points to look at within the email, suggestions if you will and then, onto the main manuscript. One hundred and twenty nine pages of novel. Doesn’t sound like a lot but the prospect of going through it is really quite daunting. I’m dying to get stuck in right now but at the same time, I think I want to wait until I have a substantial amount of free time and really start to rattle through it, you know?

So I’m waiting for my days off which happen to fall Thursday and Friday this week. Not long to wait really and I do have a few things planned on Thursday but they shouldn’t take all day and then I plan to make myself a pot of coffee, gather up my supplies around me and get stuck in.

Until then I plan to live a life of normalcy, work, and possibly cram in as much reading as I can. I’m reading a couple of books at the minute, Sphere by Michael Crichton and Gena Showalter’s The Darkest Night so I have a few things to keep me going.

Oh and during the editing process, I will require lots of chocolate!

Wish me luck!


I’ve had about a week go by so far with no editing. Does it feel weird? Very! But I know that it’s coming very soon and once the second round of edits hits my mailbox, I’ll have around three weeks to get it done. Doable? Yes. Easy? No. But what’s life without a little challenge?

I seem to have reverted back to a state of normalcy which includes hanging out with friends and family, enjoying other pursuits such as gaming, reading and *shock* even writing! Okay. I haven’t actually written anything, yet. But I plan to. There’s an open call with Grey Matters Press that I want to attempt to write something for. Now, I just need the inspiration…