New Year and Resolutions

How was everybody’s Christmas? I have to say that mine was just as it should be. I got to spend time with both my family and my partner’s family, ate so much food I was fit to burst and got so spoiled it was unbelievable. I’m now the proud owner of a Tassimo machine. I had my first drink yesterday (a Costa latte) and it was lovely. My parents got me a big, mixed box of pods so I can try out different drinks. When my partner suggested he could get me the machine for Christmas I never thought I would consider using it to make tea but alas, I’m also excited to try those flavours too! I got some dollars ready for my trip to New York next year, a lot of notebooks (and let’s face it, when don’t I need notebooks?), snuggly pjs of different kinds that I can’t wait to climb into bed in, a lot of Gorjuss notebooks as well as two really cute figurines and lots of other stuff too. I can’t believe how spoiled I was. Have you ever seen the Gorjuss range? If not, check this out:

  • First thing is first, a must for any writer is to read and lots of it. Reading has always been a highlight for me and I’ve loved it since being a kid. The only thing is, time seems to slip away from me a lot and before I know it, I haven’t picked up a book for two weeks. I set myself the target of reading at least one book every two weeks. That’s enough to keep my hand in (for now) and keep my mind active and also to bring me some nice, quiet time for myself.
  • Next thing is obviously writing! I want to make time to write at least once a week. It’s sometimes quite hectic trying to fit it all in with a full time job that gives obscure shift patterns as well as everything else in life but it’s so important to not only keep writing to keep my brain from exploding but also to keep improving (there’s always room for it!)
  • Alongside writing, comes editing. I have at least four novels sitting there in my spare room waiting for some much needed attention. I’ve set myself a plan for looking at each of these this year and beginning to get something that could resemble something worth publishing!

There will be other resolutions such as the typical eat better (which I think I’ll find impossible considering the amount of sweeties in my house!) and going back to the gym (which I know I’ll feel the benefit of) at least twice a week.

What are your new year resolutions going to be? Have you given it any thought yet?

Writing Weaknesses

We all have weaknesses in different parts of our lives. I think it comes from our strengths, after all, we can’t be good at everything! I think as a writer, I find it really important to be able to recognise my weaknesses when it comes to writing in order to ensure that I combat it as best as I can!

My writing weakness is timelines. No, not the length of time it takes me to write something (although that can be an issue in itself!) but the actual timeline within the story I’m writing. In short stories it’s not so bad as they tend to be spanned over a shorter time frame but I tell you something, when I’m writing a longer piece actually piecing together the days and making sure it flows in a logical order is something I find really difficult. Why? I’m not sure. I don’t have the best grip on dates and times in reality realistically so I think maybe it stems from that.

So something I do in order to combat this is to write out a timeline, actually plan it out on paper somewhere, and follow the story through that way. I find if I have something to follow and that the story follows days in a logical order, I’m much more likely to be able to write in that way too. It’s something I just tried with my new nano novel and I think I pretty much stuck to it (although it ended earlier than I intended, time frame wise) but that’s what first drafts are for, right?

What are your writing weaknesses and how do you work at combating them?