Lazy day

I woke up yesterday morning after a well deserved lie in. Saturday was spent hiking which was fun and although I didn’t do a normal distance I still ended up feeling tired just to the sheer length of the day. So my day on Sunday consisted of lovely, refreshing lie in. Getting up and having a lazy morning which included starting to put things back into order and having copious amounts of tea. Then I proceeded to read the edits my editor had sent my way for chapter six of my novel. I sat for several hours going through these which resulted in it becoming a way better chapter nine. I was pretty happy about that. Then, I spent a lot of time beginning to write some new chapters for it from another point of view. I found that bit a little harder. I guess I had to switch to different sections of my brain but at least I got started! Then I spent some time with the other half just hanging out (we may have been playing The Hobbit Lego game which is awesome!)

To me, yesterday was perfect. Sometimes I have to get out the house and just see other people and the world beyond the walls I live in, but sometimes I’m happy to stay right where I am and that was one of those days.

Today I’m back to the grind. I don’t mind so much really. I enjoy my job so I think that’s a major bonus and no two days are ever the same. Let’s see what the day brings!

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