Writing and Critiquing Partners

After taking some advice from a dear friend TS Woolard, I found myself working in a new notebook tonight complete with a new story idea. I have to say that although it took a while to get into it I did get there and I have found myself bursting with ideas for it. Where my other project seems to have come to a bit of a stand still where I’m trying to figure out some of the important plot points, I can work on this in the mean time. Great idea!

I’ve also learned that there is a distinction between a beta reader and a critique partner. Beta readers read the final novel and comment on things such as characterisation and story structure (amongst other things) where a critiquing partner is someone you share with as you work. So for example, every time you finished a chapter you would email it to your critique partner to get an ongoing assessment of it. I think this is a really neat idea. It means you know how things are working as you’re writing and gives you plenty of scope to change if needed.

I’ve written about twelve chapters of the first project I’ve been mentioning. Now that the idea is beginning to become more formulated in my mind I realise that I’m going to have to go back and change quite a lot of it. It’s quite disheartening at times but also very crucial. I think drafting and re-drafting is a very important process of writing. I also like to keep tabs on how many times I draft and keep the different versions of my work if possible.

So tonight, I have been editing ma NaNo novel from 2013, writing a little on my YA novel and outlining for the second one. Productive much!

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