Pinehurst: A Novel Review

I’ve just finished reading the first novel in the Young Adult Pinehurst series and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! I read this novel within around three days and read half of that in one sitting.

Pinehurst, written by Nicole Grane, was a great novel that kept me hooked throughout. I found that I loved Evie’s carefree, rebellious attitude and even though she realised her magical abilities were above average, she wasn’t one to brag. The reader gets a really clear insight into her thoughts and emotions on several things including school, family, magic and the most important thing, guys! It’s written from a first person perspective which allows the reader to get very close and I have to say, I really liked the girl.


*Spoiler Alert!*

The reader follows Evie, the protagonist who has a problem with authority and constantly rebels against her dad using her magical abilities. When she’s shipped off to Pinehurst she thinks things will go just as she wants them as she always has, but she soon finds out her dad won’t budge an inch. As she finally begins to settle into life at her new magic school she makes some friends, learns a lot about her dad that she never knew and finds out that she must travel to the Underworld in a bid to save him. All of this is done with her mentor, and complete hotty, Antonio.

I’d give this novel 4.5 stars out of 5. Why minus the half star? Towards the end of the novel I noticed a few typos etc that distracted me a little and therefore upset the flow. That’s the only reason. Looking forward to the next one!


Where to find it


I got the Kindle edition of this novel from Amazon:

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