Halfway Done

Halfway through the final final edit of The Doors. To say I’m excited is an understatement! I have a little way yet to go but I have to say, this third round has been a breeze compared to the others (particularly the second which took an awful lot of overhauling) and so I’m enjoying it thoroughly. I’m on a tight deadline as the finished novel has to be back with the publisher by Tuesday at the latest but I’m going on holiday on Monday so I’m hoping to have it done before that. Failing that, my first night away will be spent on the laptop. Haha!

Once I send it back, it gets converted into PDF for a final read through. I’m so lucky that I’ve had some friends offer to help me out with this. And you know what, it does take the pressure off some. Although I can’t wait to read it again in it’s entirety, it’s also a little daunting. I worry in case I read through and keep finding mistakes or miss something because I’m way too close to it at the minute. So I’ve got three proof readers lined up.

Hopefully after that I can release the cover for the world to see.

This weekend brings more editing (of course), family times with meals with both of our families and packing and cleaning. I’m pretty much already in holiday mode which may not be great considering I have around two hours left of work (yes, I work odd shifts!) But hey ho, doesn’t everyone get like this!?

On Editing and Covers

You wanna know how the editing is going? Phew. It’s been a tough few weeks but I’m getting there. In between my hectic work schedule and actually seeing my partner and family (!) I have managed to get to page 112 of 153. Not bad going huh? It’s really gotta be finished asap though so I had better get my ass moving-or rather, sitting down. I don’t think it’s going to be too tough to do with the weather turning a little colder than normal and the other half coming down with a bug, there’s not a lot we can do anyway.

When I first submitted this novel it was 48k and now… well, I’ll update you with that when I’m finished!

I got the first proof of the cover through too. That was an exciting moment. I didn’t even know it was coming and I opened my mailbox to find it sitting there. It was awesome. After a little tweaking I think it’s finally there but I’m waiting for approval before I share it with you all.

Back to the grindstone for me after a few of those pesky little chores…