Final Resolutions

So I decided I wanted to formalise my New Year resolutions formally as a way to not only hold myself accountable, but as a way to look back and remember what they were (yes my memory is that terrible!) and to be able to tick off what I have achieved and when. I’m am also one of those people who likes to have lots of lists–the tickier the better–and so this is something I can print and relate to and tick to my hearts content!

  • Reading: I want to read at least one book per two weeks. It doesn’t sound like much but lately, it’s not something I’ve been achieving due to work and other such excuses. I will make time to read (and already have been) and I forgot how much I love it so.
  • Reviewing: for each book I read, I want to leave a review for the author. Since becoming a published author, it’s hit me how important it is to have those reviews and learn what your readers think of your work not only in a bid to promote but in order to make sure they’re enjoying what you’re writing because that’s pretty important. So if I can help an author by leaving a review, I’ll do just that!
  • Writing: the basic premise for my writing resolution is to have no zero days. I’ll keep it marked on a calendar for each day I manage to write at least something so I can keep track of my progress.
  • Submitting: I want to submit something every month to an anthology project or something else if possible. It won’t always be but it’s important to keep trying.
  • Editing: I have a lot of nano novels that are in dire need of attention. This year I’ve chosen four of them and I have divided the year up in three-monthly slots during which I will begin working on the edits of the drafts of each of these novels.
  • Blogging: I want to blog at least once a week this year. I want to have specific topics to focus on so I have direction and keep up my blog that way. I’m actually really looking forward to this one!
  • Room for change: However, despite all of this, I also want to recognise that sometimes things change. Life gets in the way and can’t always be ignored. I work full time which leaves me often tired and rather emotionally exhausted. Other times I can’t do anything until my house has been blitzed (does anyone else have this?) So therefore, if things don’t go according to plan, to give myself forgiveness and a break. Sometimes I’m just as bad at being too hard on myself for not achieving something I wanted to as being determined to achieve it.
  • The generals: On top of all of that I want to make sure I’m eating a little healthier and going back to the gym. I want to stay on top of the housework as much as possible and when I write, take some time for myself and retreat into my little space.

So there it is all laid bare in honest truth. My resolutions for this year. How do they resonate with your own resolutions? What do you want to achieve for the new year and what steps will you take to make sure you achieve them? Please feel free to comment and leave your own opinions and suggestions on the best ways to keep track and on target of the goals for the year. I’ll look forward to hearing from you!


It seems I haven’t blogged for a while. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to but I’m going through a pretty busy time in my life right now. I’m kind of in between jobs, learning something completely new in a new role doing something out of my comfort zone, all the while knowing that I only have a few weeks left before I’m thrust into something completely new. And let’s not start about the absurdly long hours I seem to have been working.

I’ve missed spending time with my friends. I’ve missed reading. I’ve missed writing. All of that is a big part of my life but I’m finding it so hard to fit in at the minute. But then of course, that can all be seen as an excuse. It’s about MAKING time. That’s the top and bottom of it. I need to set aside an hour here to grab a coffee and settle in with my book (I’m busy reading something by an author I love but I haven’t gotten as into it as her other work because my reading time has come in drips and drabs). I need to escort myself somewhere quiet with my notebook and my drafts and write and edit and do what I need to do. I need to set aside time to see those important people in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not isolating myself but indeed not spending as much time as I would like. I want this to change.

I’m off tomorrow¬† but working all weekend. My days off are Tue-Thur. I plan to:

  • go to the gym at least twice during that period.
  • spend at least two hours to myself in a quiet room with my writing.
  • read for more than half an hour at one sitting.
  • organise to see some friends/family.

And then I might begin to feel human again!