Post-publication and cats

Life post publication is still a little bit surreal. I still can’t quite believe my novel is out there and that people are buying it and reading it. I haven’t had any reviews for it yet though the people that I have spoken to ensure me that they are enjoying it. Still, I feel a little uneasy, you know? Having a review would at least be something concrete and give others a way to judge the book and hopefully encourage them to pick up a copy.

I’m getting quite involved in some anthologies at the minute too. So it means that although I’ve finished Nano and I’m taking a break from longer writing, I still have something to keep my brain ticking over. I just entered a short story to Sirens Call Publications this morning about a man stuck in a mental asylum who is desperate to get out. I’ve also got another short to work on today if I have time (as it’s due tomorrow) about spirits but considering I’m at the beginning of a twelve hour shift, I’m not convinced I’ll have time to get it done!

I’m looking forward to tonight too when I finish work as we have a night of bad food (burgers) and movies planned which should be nice. Then I only have a few more days left at work before I have a week off. It’s my six year anniversary with my partner and we’re celebrating my going to visit the Harry Potter Studio. I cannot wait, you would not believe! It’ll be awesome just to get away and to not have to drive it a brilliant concept too hehe.

We’ve also recently adopted another cat into our family. It belongs to my sister but her situation has changed dramatically which means she can’t keep her. At first it was a bit sketchy and she hid under the sofa out of claws reach of our other kitty for over thirty hours. She came out overnight last night and ate all of her food and used her litter tray which is a big improvement. And this morning I was in for a shock when she crawled out from under the sofa right in front of our kitty and done a few laps of the living room (with kitty following like a lost puppy dog) and then came for a cuddle before going back under. It’s slow but it’s progress!

For now it’s more work and contemplation on writing.

Novel Publication

I’m due to get my first young adult novel published later this year in September! It’s my first major publication deal and though I’ve had a few shorter things published (short stories and poems) I really feel like this might be my break. Of course, it’s just fab to be getting my novel out there and knowing that there are other people who would be interested in reading it, so that’s just brilliant in itself.

It’s the first full length book I’ve written in the young adult genre. Most of the things I’ve written in the past have certainly been shorter but also tended to focus around the genres of horror and the darkness. I find that it comes easily to me and I think it’s a lot to do with the authors I have always read, including the likes of Stephen King and Richard Laymon.

At the minute I’m waiting for the cover art to be created as well as an edit on the novel before I get the proof. I think this is quite a long process and I’m waiting on tender hooks until I get it back but until then I don’t have anything else I can tell you! I’ll keep you updated as and when I find things out.

In the mean time, I’ve been planning to start a new project. I have a few ideas floating around in my mind and sometimes they all converge and sometimes they separate, kinda like when you mix oil and water. Either way, I think I’ll be writing soon.

Although I like writing by the seat of my pants I find that I get lost with that sometimes so I think I’ll be doing some outlining before I tackle my next project. Wish me luck!