Circle of Trees: the idea.

I’m working on editing a novel I wrote during the 2013 NaNoWriMo extravaganza. I hit near 60k with this one (one of my longest to date on initial write) and I really loved it. It’s already had a couple of different titles and I’m working on giving it another for when I finish but for now we’ll call it The Circle of Trees.

This novel idea came to me when I was out walking one day. I remember the day just as it was: bright and sunny. I was out for one of my first walks with a hiking group, my dad in tow. We were hiking in Ingram Valley which is located in Breamish Valley, Northumberland. It’s a beautiful spot and one I’ve been to before with bbqs and friends for fun days out.

This day in particular was sweltering hot and we traversed up a narrow pathway up the side of a steep hill. My dad and myself were near the back of the group and as I walked, I watched my feet. There was no way I wanted to stumble and slip over the side! So I finally got to the top and as our group was moving over a stile one by one, I finally had the chance to look up. I saw hills after hills, greenery and blue sky. It was beautiful. That’s when I saw them. On the top of a hill there was a circle of trees. It struck me with the way they were formed, almost as if they had been put there on purpose, and I couldn’t help but think on it. It lingered in my mind and I wish I had managed to stop and take a photo – it was hard work keeping up with everyone – as there have been so many times I’ve wanted to go back and grab the shot and never managed yet.

As we ended the walk at the local pub with a well earned pint of beer and a snickers (essential walking food!) I got out my notebook and jotted a few things down. The idea grew from there and it seemed, so did the characters. When I wrote the novel in 2013 it was one of my easiest writes so far. I’d planned it well and I was so absorbed in the story itself.

Now I’m finally getting around to editing (five chapters in so far) with the hopes of submitting it when I’m done. So I’m going to start searching for publishers too!

11 Days!

With just eleven days to go until my novel is released, I can’t tell you how I’m feeling. The excitement is unreal to know that my story, something that I’ve created and brought up from a young short story has made it into maturity as a full blown young adult novel and is about to get out there. I suppose that’s exactly it. I’m letting my baby out into the big-wide world for the first time and you know what, it’s a little scary!

I’m excited that other people are going to get to read Amanda’s story, but at the same time I hope they enjoy it in the same way that I enjoyed writing it. Let’s just hope the world likes it!

In the mean time I am busying myself with nano. I have to be honest and admit I’m a little behind. Up until Fri I was actually ahead but this weekend has brought two twelve hours shifts and a sleepy Alice so unfortunately, I haven’t been able to write. Well, except snatches of something here and there. And actually, that something isn’t too bad and it’s pretty emotional! Let’s hope I can catch up tomorrow (which is what my plan is!)

Writing Marathon?

I’ve been working on my new novel idea for a little while now. I’ve been trying to write some everyday in an attempt to keep it moving forward and not forgetting about it as I have so many other projects. I’m quite happy with the way I’ve managed to keep up with this so far (as well as brainstorming other ideas) as the only times I’ve finished a novel in a rapid time before is during the month of November and the notorious NaNoWriMo.

However, it almost seems like there’s this wall I hit evertime I write and I can’t quite understand it. I will write and find that I’m enjoying it but usually, once I’ve hit a chapter boundary, that’s it. I call it a night. I keep asking myself why but I can’t figure it out. It’s like I’m pre-programmed to stop after a certain amount as if continuing to write could be detrimental to my health. That’s ridiculous! I wonder if anyone else comes across this and if they do, how they bypass it.

I know different people write in different ways, some maybe bit like me in little sound bytes. I envy those who can sit and write for extended periods of time without breaking a sweat. A friend of mine, Charmaine Pauls, just posted on her timeline that she has been writing nine hours a day for seven days! I’m so jealous, I wish I could do that.

Does anyone else have similar or different techniques? When you’re trying to get in the writing zone, how do you prepare? Do you have background noise? Do you have a particular space to write? I’d love to hear about it!

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