First round of edits: Complete!

I finally finished the first round of edits for my novel. *phew* breathes a sigh of release. But it’s not over yet folks. That’s right, the second round is to come. How do I feel about that? Well, let’s start with how I felt about the first round! It was tough. I’m not going to lie, it was tough but at the same time I got a lot out of it. I learned a lot about how well I handle criticism, I learned how well I can work and edit when I put my mind to it and I worked damn hard to do it.

The second round – I’m quite looking forward to seeing the whole thing altogether as a novel. I’m equally intrigued to find out how many words it is now. When I submitted it was around 48k and I’m guessing it’s gone up some since then. My story has changed slightly, not the plot itself but since adding background info in and more character development, small details I’ve had to waiver. But it’s all a part of the creative process.

And let me tell you what a genius my editor is. I think she was just as nervous as me when we started this. She was worried she was being too critical or making too many notes. She’s an absolute saint. She’s given my baby everything she could and for that, I’m so thankful. Thank you, Missy!

This weekend I plan to have a little bit of a breather. I’m taking off for the day on Saturday with some friends and my partner to have a lovely day out involving lots of sunshine (fingers crossed) and on Sunday I plan to be in my pjs all day. I’m going to cook a Sunday dinner complete with roast potatoes (my favourite thing at the minute). I might possibly scrapbook or write or the bigger likelihood, I’ll game! Either that or watch a few movies. There’s a few I want to catch up on so I can go see the sequels that are coming out now.

Then I have a third day off! That’s unheard of. No idea what I’ll do with that. I have a niggling feeling that there’s something in the back of my mind… I’m sure there’s something I’m doing. But anyway, nice and relaxed.

Then back to the grind and hopefully the edits, feeling refreshed!

Spontaneous Creativity

Today I had a productive morning in my writing that was totally unexpected! I woke up thinking I had a few things to do before I went to wok. I tidied a little and had a shower and had daily five coffees (not really!) and then before I knew it, I was on my laptop and working on a new chapter for my novel due to be released in September.

I hadn’t planned to write, I just did and you know what, it was brill. I had been a bit worried about writing these chapters, about whether they would fit with the novelĀ  and tone but actually, when I got started it came quite easily. So I finished one chapter and shot it off, started another and started edits on chapter seven too (which will be chapter ten). I can’t wait to see this in print!

Lazy day

I woke up yesterday morning after a well deserved lie in. Saturday was spent hiking which was fun and although I didn’t do a normal distance I still ended up feeling tired just to the sheer length of the day. So my day on Sunday consisted of lovely, refreshing lie in. Getting up and having a lazy morning which included starting to put things back into order and having copious amounts of tea. Then I proceeded to read the edits my editor had sent my way for chapter six of my novel. I sat for several hours going through these which resulted in it becoming a way better chapter nine. I was pretty happy about that. Then, I spent a lot of time beginning to write some new chapters for it from another point of view. I found that bit a little harder. I guess I had to switch to different sections of my brain but at least I got started! Then I spent some time with the other half just hanging out (we may have been playing The Hobbit Lego game which is awesome!)

To me, yesterday was perfect. Sometimes I have to get out the house and just see other people and the world beyond the walls I live in, but sometimes I’m happy to stay right where I am and that was one of those days.

Today I’m back to the grind. I don’t mind so much really. I enjoy my job so I think that’s a major bonus and no two days are ever the same. Let’s see what the day brings!

Productivity and Editing Novels

So it seems that setting small goals for myself works (to some extent at least!) I aimed to read, write and gym again this week on my days off. Unfortunately I didn’t achieve all of my goals. However, I’m not beating myself up about it. I didn’t visit the gym at all. That was actually a bad stroke of luck which saw my partner slightly injured which meant he couldn’t go. Of course, I still could have went but I chose not to! Does that make me bad? I swear I was looking after him. Lol.

I did read. A lot. I finished a whole novel and got through a half of another for a couple of friends of mine that I promised I’d read for. So I really enjoyed that.

On the writing front, I did write, although I didn’t really achieve what I wanted to. While I planned to work on my new novel I actually got the edits for chapter one back from my publisher so I decided to use that time to go through those edits and revise to perfection! So I was still productive and achieved something. I feel awesome. The edits for chapter two have just arrived in my mailbox too so I plan on doing those in the next couple of days. It’s so exciting! When I was given the news that my book had been accepted for publication you would not believe the amount of happy dancing I did (and this was at work, no less!) But now the real work is beginning and it’s bringing the reality with it, which I love! Onward and upward!

Day 100 of 100!

You might remember me blogging about writing 100 stories in 100 days or have seen my guest blog spot here:

I finally finished! Today, May the 13th, was day 100! I have to say that I have been through some thick and thin moments. Sometimes I’ve been so bursting with ideas that I had to keep going. Sometimes I’ve been so tired that the thought of writing anything has been almost ludicrous. Sometimes my muse has simply left me alone for a while and I have stared at a blank piece of paper–or screen–for a long time. But nevertheless, I reached my goal. I did have a few days off (which was allowed) and it seems that my goal changed slightly from writing short stories everyday to just writing. I started a new novel and got it up to forty pages before I hit a wall (editing required before I can continue). I wrote a lot–and I mean a lot– of short stories. Some of them were so short they were micro fiction, others were longer. I even started participating in a story with another author which we are adding to bits at a time. It has been one hell of an experience.

Would I do it again? Yes. I think so anyway. Not for a while. Would I continue on to do the 365 day challenge? Not right now. I recently got seconded at work and my new job is keeping me both busy and tired so for now, I’m going to pat myself on the back, enjoy my moment of creativity and take a rest. I’m sure I’ll be back!


I find that a subject a lot of authors get asked about is their inspiration. What inspired them to write that book? Where did the idea come from? It makes me wonder about my own inspiration and how I come to write the things I do.

For me, and The Doors (the young adult novel due for publication in September 2014) it was a dream. Yeah, I know how cliche that sounds. It is very cliche, but it’s true. Saying that, I don’t think much of what I dreamed actually transpired into the novel itself.

All I remember about the dream now is seeing a huge set of mosaic doors and when I looked at them, I felt this sense of fear rolling through my body. When I got up the next morning and went to work, I got to thinking: why did those doors make me feel like that? There was something about them I just couldn’t put away. I couldn’t just leave it, my mind wouldn’t rest. I had to write about those doors. And so I did.

The first draft of the story was about twenty pages long. Not long at all. But I loved writing every minute of it. I had a few people look it over and with a few comments and suggestions (most of which in a pretty positive light) I extended the piece, editing more than once, in order to make the novel what it is today. I never thought I would be someone who could write a novel. Not Alice who writes short stories and sometimes dabbles in poetry. But I did it. I guess it goes to show what we can do if we put our minds to it.

Not all of my inspiration comes from dreams, saying that. Actually, not most of it. I do sometimes wake with snippets of something I have to scribble down but mostly it comes from the everyday. Conversations I hear, people I meet, the image of something. It can all spark something in my mind and once my mind begins working overtime, the story begins to form.

Where do you get your inspiration from?