Kick Ass Girls!

If you’re not aware, my debut novel The Doors was published by Fire and Ice, an imprint of Melange (you can find the link below if you’re interested in taking a look at a YA with a twist!)

Today marks the promotion of the new project by Fire and Ice #kickassgirlsofya. We’re celebrating the strengths of our female heroines and you can get involved too! Check out the calender below and hold steady for more info. I’m running the Instagram event from 8th April and it’s one that you won’t want to miss!

If you want to take part, here’s the link for my Instagram account and I hope to see you there:





Writing something with another author has always baffled me–that’s until I actually did it. I’m the sort of person who worries about the logistics of a thing, who will do what, will it be equal etc. However, when it got down to writing it  we passed it back and forth each adding a little at a time until it was finished and we had a completed novella.

Now we’re at the editing stage after being offered a publishing deal. I worried about the same thing. Thing is, it has gone more smoothly than I thought. My co-writer, David Owain Hughes, did the first round of edits using track & change, I have gone through a second round adding, accepting or rejecting and passed it back for a final read through. Hopefully by April this will be out.

I think co-writing has taught me a lot about compromise, working together and discussion as well as opening me up to ideas and styles of writing that I haven’t tried or possibly have been a little shy to in the past. Often I stop and think, What if someone I know reads this? Often it can put me off writing certain things, making things too gory or erotic for example, but then writing with David has taught me to write like I want to write. I write for me and hopefully someone will enjoy my work. Not everyone will and that’s true of friends and family.

In other news, I’m working on the third novel in the series I’m currently working on. I’m just over 20k in and still going strong although at times it’s a slow write. I think it could have been planned just that little bit better but I’m going to see where it takes me. I want to finish writing them all before going back to edit and doing that it one big, long stint. I think that’ll help with keeping the flow of the piece.

Oh and in other news, I ran over my big toe with a sofa today. If my toe doesn’t drop off then I think that my nail will. All I have to say is OW!

What are you working on at the minute? Or if you’re not an author, what are you reading?


I have always found that besides writing, I am a very creative person. I am one of those hands on crafty types who likes to try all sorts of different things. Two of my other main hobbies, as well as writing, are photography and scrapbooking. There’s something I inherently love about taking photos whether it’s of friends and family or a beautiful scene, I can’t control myself. Anyone who knows me will testify to this: my camera never stops clicking if we’re doing something.

I’m quite sentimental and I suppose a lot of my photography is about preserving the moment. I know I won’t be like this forever but I also have a superior bad memory so I figure if I take these photos, that way I can always look back and remember the times I’ve had even when I can’t. Do you know what I mean?

My scrapbooking ties in very closely with this. To every event I go to or enjoy (or some even just very random days filled with pictures), I take my photos and I will collect souvenirs if possible. Yes, I’m one of those. If we’re at a tasty restaurant and then have a specialty napkin or I was at a race days, I’ll keep my tickets. I organise myself to keep the dates in order and I scrapbook all of these things with my favourite photos and things to remember the day. If you saw my latest Tweet you’ll see that I recently (just yesterday) brought my scrapbook up to date. It’s never been up to date before. It is really quite a mammoth task and takes a lot of preparation, time and patience. Apparently I had it all yesterday and it’s a brilliant feeling.

Tell me, what other creative hobbies do you have? Are you purely a writer or do you enjoy drawing or perhaps making greeting cards or something similar to me? I’d love to exchange ideas!