I’ve often wondered whether it’s possible to have more than one personality type. I don’t think people are so rigid as to conform to one particular thing and often, people are fluid and ever changing so I certainly think personalities shift.

I have always considered myself to be an introvert. I remember spending entire summers sitting in the house and reading instead of playing out with friends. When I went to sleepovers, though I enjoyed it, I was always the first up the next morning and ready to go home within the hour. I’ve always liked my own company. It’s when I think best, work best, and generally prefer this. That’s not to say I’m a complete introvert. I have my partner and my family and my close friends who I love spending time with. I enjoy going on holiday with them or for a meal or for a night out. And when it comes to work I find that I’m probably the most extrovert I ever have to be. I wonder if that’s by choice or because my job requires me to be a people person. Either way, when I’m at work I’m sociable and chatty and can see dozens of people a day. When I come home I enjoy just putting on my pjs and watching a film or nestling in front of the laptop.

Perhaps being extroverted at work takes my energy away, who knows. I don’t mind either way but that’s the way I see myself currently. Do I think it will change? Not any time soon. Too much time alone and I get restless, too much time with people and I get irritated. Right now  I’m at a happy medium and I’m happy to continue with that too.

What do you think? Is there a possibility that a person can split themselves for certain roles or became more assertive at work? I’d love to hear what you think?

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