Allegiant: a review

In case you want to read this, be aware of possible *spoiler alerts*

I was as attached to Allegiant as the first two books and couldn’t put it down. Following Tris’ journey through the factions, the factionless and then then outside world was brilliant.<br><br>I really liked that there was a split point of view in the last book. Giving the reader an insight into what was happening for Tobias was good and it meant that we were left wondering what was going on with Tris. Seeing Tris and Tobias at war over their opinions and personalities worked well throughout. It showed how different they were but they always came back together, as if they were magnetised, despite some wrong and misguided choices throughout. The two were meant to be together and  I could feel that from the very start.<br><br>I did find that the story was a little drawn out and perhaps could have been wrapped up sooner. I think the deaths that occurred within the novel were quite important to the narrative but the lead up to it and Caleb who was supposed to open the doors because he was the most hated, I found this bit quite unnerving. It was almost like he was forced into making the decision without much choice and not given a lot of thought around it. It was a big decision and I think one that perhaps he wouldn’t have made if not pressured to do it.<br><br>However, it was a good book all round and one that I enjoyed. There were a lot of good themes within this and think it would be a good read for anyone who likes YA.


    • You think I need to warn of spoiler alerts? I don’t think I’ve thought of it before but I’ll add it in 🙂

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