Blood Moon Rising Event

I bet you’ve all heard of the Blood Moon that’s going to be happening overnight? I know I’ll be up to watch this rare phenomenon that won’t happen again until 2033. But what about Blood Moon Rising the event?

Are you a fan of horror, sci-fi or fantasy? Do you love reading? If so, this event is for you. I’m taking part in a social event hosted on facebook whereby 31 authors will get to talk to you over the course of the month of October to tell you about themselves and their work. It’s a great chance to meet and greet some new authors and find some new reading material. I know I’ll be tuning in every day to see who I can meet!

I’ll be taking part in this wonderful event on 11th October where I’ll have the full day for a Q&A and you will be able to get snippets of my current work in progress. Interested? All you have to do is follow this link: Blood Moon Rising Facebook Event

I hope to see you there so I can connect with you all!


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