Rayme Michaels on writing Screw the Devil’s Daiquiri

I would like to start off by thanking Alice J. Black for this opportunity of promoting myself as a writer and author, along with my work, on her blog. I greatly appreciate it and would also like to say hi to her followers and fan base. Hi, everyone, and thanks for reading! Cheers!

After high school, I studied Theater Arts Performance and Radio Broadcasting in college, and then, as an undergrad, majored in Philosophy with a minor in Psychology. I then went on to get a Master’s Degree in Comparative Philosophy while working as a teaching assistant. Screw the Devil’s Daiquiri is my first full-length novel, but it is my third book, my other two being novellas released in 2012. My first book was a quirky, bawdy comedy entitled Incorrigibility. My second one is a dark, gory, romantic vampire thriller called Red Love, which won Honorable Mention right at the top of the list for General Fiction in the 2014 London Book Festival.
I became a bookworm at the age of eight and have been influenced by, and continue to enjoy, a wide variety of writers that range from the solemn to the satirical, the serious to the jovial, both in fiction and non-fiction, contemporary and old. This invariably comes out in my writing, since my literary interests are very broad. As an existential thinker, I am fascinated by the human mind and the human predicament, yet, as a Rabelaisian human being, laughter and joy are the reasons I get up in the morning. Well…that and sex, of course. Oh, and my first name is pronounced with two syllables, by the way. The “e” is not silent.
I am pleased to announce the promotion of my dark, urban comedy drama, Screw the Devil’s Daiquiri. Here’s the synopsis:

When womanizer, and possible schizophrenic, John Hazel, is suddenly offered a serious job promotion by the CEO of his company, David Wall, under the condition that John help him kill his wife, John finds himself between a rock and a hard place when Mr. Wall’s wife, Victoria Wall, asks John to do the same for her.

John, an office temp, photographer and university teaching assistant of philosophy, has more than enough on his post-traumatic, hyperactive mind, without something as absurd as this weighing down on him, not to mention that he is haunted—well, annoyed more than anything—by either the spirits or imaginary spirits of Giovanni Boccaccio, Francois Rabelais and a she-devil named Sabrina. Influences such as these do not help with John’s very prurient but fascinating mind, which his psychologist tries as best as she knows how to get to the bottom of.

His life-long existential crisis, having two hit men on his back, a bad-to-the-bone best friend named Alex, and a manic, sex-crazed, power-hungry, confrontational co-worker named Jackie, who happens to be Mr. Wall’s mistress, certainly do not help matters either. Life does not seem to want to let up on John. Will he make it through this very bizarre time of tribulation, or will he end up behind bars, stone-cold dead, or simply cracking under the weight of it all?

Screw the Devil’s Daiquiri is available in both print and eBook formats.

Book Details:
Screw the Devil’s Daiquiri
By Rayme Michaels
Publisher: Melange Books
ISBN: 978-1612359311
Pages: 224
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Urban Comedy, Drama

All three of my books can be found at my Lulu spotlight below and at just about every other online retail book outlet, including Amazon, of course. Please help support me and my work simply by liking my Facebook author page below. For copies, author interviews, blog posts, updates, or more information, please find and contact me at:

Rayme Michaels Links
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Blog: http://www.rayme-michaels.blogspot.com
Lulu Spotlight: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Rayme
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