The Minotaur – Barbara Vine

Ever read a book you’re skeptical about before starting? This was it for me. However, The Minotaur was pleasantly surprising.

The MinotaurThe Minotaur by Barbara Vine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I first picked up this book I have to admit, I felt a little reserved. I wasn’t sure what to think and when I realised that Barbara Vine was actually a pen name for Ruth Rendell, I felt a little more dubious having never read her work. However, I started the book and as soon as I read it I was around 50 pages in! This thing had me gripped.

The Minotaur is about Kerstin who goes to look after John, a man with a ‘mental illness’ as his mother, Mrs Cosway, continually reminds her and he simply needs to take his medication, have his walks and all will be well.

Kerstin meets John’s four sisters, all of which are so different from one another she can hardly believe. She is alone at Lydstep Hall and at times it becomes hard to bear yet she hangs on.

When Felix Dunsford arrives in the area most of the girls are smitten with him and it doesn’t take long for the sisters at Lydstep Hall to try to make their moves on him though it seems this is what will be the downfall of the family after all those years.

The Minotaur is a good book down in the typically gothic style. It’s a long, quite slow read but very enjoyable and had me wanting to read right until the end.

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