The Soul Cutter

I just finished reading the Soul Cutter by Lexa Cain and this is my review.

Soul CutterSoul Cutter by Lexa Cain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book intrigued me from the beginning with a teenage girl using a lot of complicated equipment and passion to expose psychic scammers who were fleecing people out of money. It was clear from the outset that Elan was a strong character and would not back down to anybody. We learn a little about her life before she is beseeched by her gran to find her mother who has gone missing in Egypt during a psychic mission. Elan, despite her troubled relationship with her mum goes to find her and gets whipped up into a mystery involving Ramsey who is able to call the evil spirits to his aid as well as the Soul Cutter himself.

This book kept me hooked throughout and the story, I felt, flowed well with a good pace. I did find Elan a little difficult to accept as a main character, she was quite gritty and standoffish but as the book went on her character developed further and I found that towards the end she had really grown on me.

The Soul Cutter is an action packed ride of supernatural goodness!

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This is a great read for those who enjoy young adult, horror and supernatural.

Next on my list, Undead Legacy!

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