I have always found that besides writing, I am a very creative person. I am one of those hands on crafty types who likes to try all sorts of different things. Two of my other main hobbies, as well as writing, are photography and scrapbooking. There’s something I inherently love about taking photos whether it’s of friends and family or a beautiful scene, I can’t control myself. Anyone who knows me will testify to this: my camera never stops clicking if we’re doing something.

I’m quite sentimental and I suppose a lot of my photography is about preserving the moment. I know I won’t be like this forever but I also have a superior bad memory so I figure if I take these photos, that way I can always look back and remember the times I’ve had even when I can’t. Do you know what I mean?

My scrapbooking ties in very closely with this. To every event I go to or enjoy (or some even just very random days filled with pictures), I take my photos and I will collect souvenirs if possible. Yes, I’m one of those. If we’re at a tasty restaurant and then have a specialty napkin or I was at a race days, I’ll keep my tickets. I organise myself to keep the dates in order and I scrapbook all of these things with my favourite photos and things to remember the day. If you saw my latest Tweet you’ll see that I recently (just yesterday) brought my scrapbook up to date. It’s never been up to date before. It is really quite a mammoth task and takes a lot of preparation, time and patience. Apparently I had it all yesterday and it’s a brilliant feeling.

Tell me, what other creative hobbies do you have? Are you purely a writer or do you enjoy drawing or perhaps making greeting cards or something similar to me? I’d love to exchange ideas!

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