Move past that Mistake

Resolutions are something that really work for me. I’m a goal-oriented person and love being able to say that I challenged myself to do something and that I achieved it. I have a lot of willpower for some things and I think one of my flaws as a person is hating failing at anything. If I set myself a challenge and don’t complete it for some reason, I get pretty bummed out.

Last week, when we were in the second week of January, I accidentally missed a day of writing. There was so much going on. We moved my sister house, did lots of running around and then spent the evening with a couple of good friends having nice food and a drink or two. Somewhere along that time the whole ‘no zero’ concept got missed. I didn’t write that day and what’s worse, I woke up thinking about it the morning after. I’d already failed at my goal.

But somehow, I managed to shake it off. Sure I’d missed a day but there was good reason for it including complete lack of time and the curse of my forgetful mind. So yes, I was bummed for about an hour and then I got over it. I’m not letting that deter me and I’ve written every day since. Everyday. I think that’s what I have to hang onto. Yes there was a blip but it didn’t last and I got right back on that horse.

Perhaps sometimes, we have to remind ourselves that life doesn’t always go the way we planned. We can make excuses or we can continue on and that’s what I chose to do.

I haven’t tallied up my new word count up to date but I think I’ll make it a monthly thing and plan to do spreadsheets and everything to stay organised (I love that stuff!)

In other news, my shifts at work have changed and while it means I work more days the hours are nicer and more suited to being able to organise my life around them. They start in Feb so if I go a little awol for a while, you know why! Hopefully not though so I also want to blog weekly!

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