Nano Day Writing

This morning I woke up thinking about the main character in my nano novel. I took that to be a very positive sign indeed and after pottering around for half an hour, I got right down to it. An hour later and I’ve written 2k. It feels pretty awesome. I plan to keep going to but I need a little break I think. My chair is a little too small for the desk I work at which means it leaves me with aching shoulders and that coupled with the shifts I’ve done over the past couple of days have left me rather achy!

My cat is keeping me company this morning while I write. I’m trying not to let her be a distraction but she’s a very inquisitive and somewhat naughty cat. A few minutes ago she was chasing the bubbles in my lava lamp as they moved and now is keening over some unseen thing outside that she wants to hunt! At least she isn’t biting me!

Right now it’s coffee time!

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