Cover Reveal!

So guys. this is it! The moment that I get to share my cover with you. It’s been such an amazing experience working through this and finalising the details of my book cover and here it finally is!


What do you think? I know I love it, I’d like to know what you think too 🙂 It was created for me by Stephanie Bibb. What wonderful artwork she has made for me! Stephanie can be contacted at if you would like to get in touch about any personal projects or just take a look at her blog. She’s a lovely woman to work with.

It finally feels like my dream is becoming real, you know? I’ve started proof reading my novel and now this and I’m finally at the end phase of the publication where I’ll almost be able to have the novel in my hands!

ps: I think I’m finally figuring out the intricacies of this blog thingy!

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