And I’m done!

Well that’s it folks, I’m done, finished and satisfied. I spent all morning and half the afternoon working on the final edits for my manuscript and I got it done. My baby has been sent off now and that’s that. Now it’s just a waiting game.

It’s a little strange now to think I won’t be working on this or thinking of it day in day out as I have been, wondering about this paragraph or that storyline and whether I need to alter a line here and there. But I find myself already asking, what next? I think I’ll soon become lost without this daily input of writing/slash editing. Perhaps I’ll give myself a few days off, after all, it was a lot of hard work but then I’m heading straight into Nano prep in October (come Wednesday) and after that the actual novel writing. So perhaps that’ll be the next thing. I’m already forming ideas for my next project and I think that with the help of my brilliant editor for this manuscript, I will be able to do a much better job on the first draft next time around. I think I’ve learned a lot of invaluable information I’ll transfer over and it was stuff that could only be learned by doing. So thank you, Missy, again, for being such a wonderful and thorough editor!

The rest of the day will be spent chilling and then eating tasty bolognese with family followed by delicious cherry pie and perhaps a cheeky rum or two in celebration!

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