Goal Getter

Last time I wrote I talked about how little I felt I was achieving and what I wanted to do for my days off. This is what I outlined for myself:

  • go to the gym at least twice during that period.
  • spend at least two hours to myself in a quiet room with my writing.
  • read for more than half an hour at one sitting.
  • organise to see some friends/family.

While I didn’t reach all of my goals, I have to say that I managed quite a lot of it. I went to the gym once. That was more to do with how the days panned out and things I had planned with my partner (as well as the overly gorgeous weather we’ve been having!) I still think I did quite a bit at the gym and I think that little by little, my stamina is slowly increasing! yay. 

The biggest priority for me was writing over this time and you know what, I got more than the two hours I wanted, I got almost double that and boy did I use it wisely. I wrote over three thousand words and honed down on a part of my novel that I hadn’t quite written yet but knew needed to be in there so I felt really great about that.

I also managed to read for quite a long time. I’ve started reading Sphere by Michael Crichton. I’ve been reading a lot of YA lately and while I love it, I was feeling the need for something different. I read Jurassic Park and quite liked that so thought I’d give this a go. So far it’s proving to be an effortless read which I like!

Also, I managed to spend time with my sister during my time off, my partner, my nephews and my parents. It was lovely. AND … AND the best part about it, I got to go to the soft play! Hehe. I think I enjoy it more than my nephews really. Saying that I came away with a very skinned ankle bone due to a severely scary slide that I’m terrified of that my three year old nephew happens to love *sigh* the perils of being an auntie!

So all in all I enjoyed my time off. I felt it was productive and creative! Let’s just hope I can keep it up.

My next three days off are Mon-Wed. I am meeting someone about starting a new job on Monday which I’m excited about and other than that I plan to:

  • go to the gym at least twice (let’s see if it works this time!)
  • Spend at least two hours to myself writing.
  • Keep on reading!

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