The Motel Room: A review

So I just finished reading The Motel Room, a novella written by Alyssa Cooper . It’s described as ghost story and it’s just that, with a twist that I didn’t expect! I found myself sinking into the world of the motel room as the narrator did and I saw it just the way he did, including all the people that passed through and the way the motel room changed over time. Alyssa is brilliant at creating an atmosphere and I wasn’t disappointed here.

The novella is a great narrative that takes the reader through a myriad of emotion including heart ache, hope and frustration and I found that my curiosity was piqued throughout. The novella would be well read in a gloomy room or perhaps on a rainy day as it sucks the reader into the motel room itself and would reflect the setting. I would recommend this as a good read!

I felt myself really feeling for the main character. It seems he’s had a troubled life since going to the motel room and as the story moves on and unfolds, we find out about his background, his own story.

When asked where the inspiration for The Motel Room came from, Alyssa told me:

The inspiration for this one came from the two years I spent working summers as a hotel housekeeper. I spent every day washing away any trace that my guests ever existed – and it made me wonder a lot, about those people, their day to day lives, and really, just about life in general.


The Motel Room was born of that introspection, although it took me a while to get it down on paper.


Alyssa’s biography:

A lifelong lover of literature, Alyssa Cooper was first published at the age of eighteen. Her passion for the written word started early, and as a child she would carry her mother’s novels as part of her wardrobe. She has dedicated her life to developing her voice and pushing the limits of her craft. She is the author of three traditionally published books, Salvation, Benjamin, and Cold Breath of Life. The Motel Room and Whispering Peak are her first forays into independent publishing. She currently resides in Belleville, Ontario, where she lives with her typewriters and a personal library.


Alyssa can be contacted at:


You can purchase this great novella here:



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