Gendered writing?

As I’ve been sorting through all of my notebooks and random pages of writing and novels that I’ve written over the past few years I’ve come to the grim realisation that a lot of my novels include a broken family and a move to a new house/area. I don’t do it intentionally I promise! I come from a pretty ‘normal’ background with parents who are still together and a family that likes to spend time together so I wonder why a lot of what I write features families that are torn apart for one reason or another.

I also have mainly female protagonists. Don’t get me wrong, I write from the point of view of men from time to time but when I do it’s usually a short story. None of my longer works are from the point of view as a man. I feel like I could be missing out here. Of course, it’s easier to write a female character as a female because I have been through it. I know what some of the thoughts, feelings and emotions are that are attached to being a young woman. Do you find you write as a particular gender?

I want to challenge myself to write as a male lead in a novel. I think it’s a big feat but perhaps just challenging enough to stretch my imagination and my writing capabilities!

My protagonist in The Doors (due for publication in September) is a young woman who is moved halfway across England with her parents when her dad gets a new job. She’s one of the favourite characters I’ve written so far 🙂


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