The First Chapter

So last night I wrote a short story intended for a contest. I had no idea what I was going to write when I started typing but the main character from the newest novel I’m working on popped into my mind and from there it just spiralled. What came from that was something that could potentially be the first chapter for my novel! I’m quite happy with it, especially since I wasn’t intending to write that.

What happens when you put pen to paper? Do you feel that you have to have something to work with, say an outline, before you start writing or can you just start with a very basic idea and go from there?

For me it depends on how I’m feeling at the time. I try to be organised—I really do!—but it doesn’t always work and sometimes a story takes it’s own route and I think when that happens it’s important to try and stay with it and see where it goes. Writing something, even a short story, can be an adventure in itself.

In other news I finally joined the world of Twitter! You can find me @AliceJBlack

It’s a little scary and I’m still not convinced I have the hang of it but I’m getting there!

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