Side Effects of Making a Bucket List

So I just stopped by WordPress and was reading some wonderful blog entries by other people when I came across this:

Side Effects of Making a Bucket List.

The blog post is inspired by a novel Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy who, when promoting her debut novel, has asked people to share their own bucket lists. What an intriguing idea!

I think everybody has a bucket list in some form. I want to share mine, or some of what I have formulated in my mind while writing this, with you.

1. One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is visit New Zealand. That place looks just simply beautiful and it helps that Lord of the Rings has been shot there (of course I want to do the tours). But I also think it’s a place that has a lot to offer for such a small place including some beautiful hiking trails.

2. Get my novel out there. I know that’s happening really soon and I really can’t wait. My feet have been tingling ever since I got the news and I suspect they will continue to do so until I see it! But after I do, I want to make sure I continue to write and submit. No getting lazy!

3. On that theme of writing, try to write everyday. Sometimes it can be hard to fit it in, but there are always a spare ten minutes when I can jot things down or get the beginnings of something. Once you’re in the habit it’s much easier to keep it up.


So, that’s what I’ve come up with in the few minutes I’ve been typing this. There are plenty more things I want to do and I will make a proper bucket list (what’s life without a little adventure?).

Tell me, what’s on your bucket list?

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