Today is a little bit of a write off. I’m ill again for about the millionth time in three months. Honestly, it feels like I’ve been ill since the new year with cold after flu after chest infection. This one is the latter and it’s left me feeling a little low and frankly, feeling sorry for myself! I guess that’s okay now and again, right?

Never mind though, going for a little TLC tomorrow at a spa day with my sister so hopefully that should restore a balance in my body and ease harmony back into my life… or something like that!

In other news, I finished reading Donners of the Dead. I absolutely loved it. I love the way Halle brings her characters to life, really giving them personality and making the reader fret for them throughout the story. Pine Nut (cutely named by the arrogant Jake McGraw) is a very loveable character. She’s not only feisty but she’s willing to admit when she’s wrong and she’s not afraid to give things a go. I would definitely recommend reading this.

I’ve started reading a novel that is due for release later in March for the author. Hopefully I’ll be able to provide some insight and ask some brilliant questions after reading that will be worthy of an interview. Watch this space!